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As product people, we always hoped to build something, and if it’s good enough, people will come and use it. From the beginning, that is our marketing strategy – for the creative work we do for clients and for the side projects we build.

Until now, none of our side projects have been a financial success, but we hope to find a way to make our work on all those projects sustainable. A lot of people recommended to get better with marketing, and that made sense to us. If more people see what we build, more people will buy it, and we’d have more money to make more stuff. Easy, isn’t it?

A handful of marketing books later, we considered applying the things that worked for others. Nothing felt right to us. For example, we don’t want to spend money on ads. From our perspective, the whole ad business has gone way too far with tracking users and invading their privacy. Also, why should we pay someone to add a banner somewhere? We are all designers by heart, and everything looks better without advertisements, that’s for sure.

But let’s not get too deep into different ways to market. There are probably better ways than advertisements to do that. It just seems to be the first recommendation everywhere.

Anyway, I think we’ve found the one way that fits the way we tick. It’s this blog. Our blog is a place where we can be creative and set our own rules. It’s where we can write about what we want. It’s where we can communicate how we want.

Here is a message I wrote to the other team members a few weeks ago:

We need to make our team, our work, values, culture, thoughts, decisions, progress, and learnings transparent and share them.

I’m so confident that people not only would be interested in that but also would love how we do things. They will ask questions, talk about it, share it with others, and even help us get ahead and the most crucial point: They would have a value from that.

And that is the kind of “marketing” we all can stand behind, isn’t it?

That’s why we decided our blog needs to be a priority from now on. Even if we still have no clue how that all works, even if we still struggle to find the right words. All your messages and questions already showed us we’re on the right track.

Also, it’s more like build, and they’ll come, and we still stand behind that. You can come and go here. If you like what you read, you can decide to support us as creators. If you don’t like it, that’s fine too. That all feels friendly, valuable, helpful, sustainable, and that’s how we tick.

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Hans Pagel